TRUSTECH Ice Maker Review

A Stainless Steel Ice Machine which will cost below 140 USD. You don’t have to spend much to buy an ice maker machine which will fulfill your demand much than the money.

TRUSTECH Ice Maker is a portable ice maker machine that makes two sizes of ice bullets and this ice maker is perfect for parties mixed drinks.

ItsĀ Easy to use feature doesn’t require any installation, just add water to its reservoir, insert plug and start making ice.

Read our full review, we will discuss this portable ice maker’s top features so that you can select best product. Read our Top 10 Best Portable Ice Makers Reviews in 2019 for the best choice.

About the TRUSTECH Portable Ice Maker


  • Stainless Steel Ice Machine
  • Average 6 Mins for 9 Ice Bullets
  • Water tank volume is 71oz and the ice storage capacity is up to 1.5lb
  • Weight 18.5 pounds
  • LED Display & Intelligent Features
  • Special Features: Clear Ice
  • Free Ice Scoop and Bucket
  • 12 months warranty

Ice Making Ability

Most impressive things about TRUSTECH Ice Maker is how quickly it cranks out fresh ice cubes. TRUSTECH Ice Maker offers two sizes of ice bullets. You have option to choose large or small size as your demand. There are LED control panel from where you can select the size. The small ice size easily fit in water bottle and large size is perfect for party mixed drinks.

This portable ice maker is fast and efficient, making 9 delicious, chewable, bullet shaped ice in one cycle, in average time 6 minutes.

TRUSTECH Ice Maker’s compressor is powerful but quiet. Do not need to worry about too much noise. The ice machine is also environmentally friendly and energy efficient. It will automatically stop and stand by if the bucket is full.

Easy to Use

Now a day’s portable ice maker machines getting more popular because of their ease of use system. They don’t have any complicated installation system.

After receive your TRUSTECH Ice Maker, keep the machine few hours rest. It’s a secret tips from experts. After then you can use the ice maker by inserting plug and adding water into it. For the first time use, add a bit vinegar with water which will clean inside the ice maker machine.

As shown in the picture there is LED control panel by which you can select your desired ice bullet sizes.

Top Rating from Real Users

TRUSTECH Ice Maker is a Best SELLER product on Amazon. We have asked some real users to share some of their experiences. Here are few users comments:

– The ice maker is great!
– So light weight and easy to use!
– Super Fast
– Ice so cute!
– Its an amazing ice maker!

Buying Advice

After review the product features, warranty period and users experience we recommend you to get the TRUSTECH Ice Maker on Amazon. They are the trusted platform with competitive price and huge real customers reviews.













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